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About the Department of Corrections
Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The DOC is a large agency with multiple areas with one core mission: public safety. Our goal is the safe custody and supervision of offenders using the best, most effective correctional policies and procedures so citizens are protected, offenders succeed in the community, and new crime and the cost of corrections to taxpayers is reduced.

Mission Statement

Protect the public, our staff and those in our charge.                                               

 Provide opportunities for positive change and success.

     Promote, inform and educate others about our programs and successes.

         Partner and collaborate with community service providers and other criminal justice entities.

Vision Statement

To achieve excellence in correctional practices while fostering safety for victims and communities.

Every Person  -  Every Family  -  Every Community Matters


Directly related to our Mission and Vision Statements are the primary ideals we hold highest in pursuit of our goals. What do we need to do? What do we strive for? What are our Core Values?

Core Values

We are accountable to each other and the citizens of Wisconsin.

  • We manage our resources in an efficient, effective, sustainable, and innovative manner.
  • We demonstrate competence and proficiency in the work necessary to accomplish our mission.
  • We take individual responsibility for how we plan, perform, and manage our work.


We do what’s right - legally and morally - as demonstrated by our actions.

  • We value courage, candor, and conviction of purpose.
  • We expect ethical behavior and integrity in all we do.
  • We require honesty, adherence to the law, and the fair and equitable treatment of others.


We recognize employees as the department’s most important resource.

  • We work towards building a workforce of diverse individuals who achieve great things together.
  • We recognize exemplary performance.
  • We advocate in the best interest of our workforce.


We value safety – for our employees, the people in our charge and the citizens we serve.

  • We provide the resources and training necessary for employees to safely accomplish our mission.
  • We operate safe and secure facilities.
  • We offer opportunities for offenders to become productive members of their communities.


We expect competence and professionalism in our communications, demeanor, and appearance.

  • We demonstrate knowledge and skills within our areas of responsibility.
  • We respond effectively and appropriately in our interactions and communications.
  • We treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • We recognize that we have one opportunity to make a positive first impression.