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Prison Rape Elimination Act Unit
Christine Preston 
PREA Director

Leigha Weber
PREA Program and Policy Analyst - Advanced

The DOC is devoted to eliminating sexual assault involving staff and/or offenders in its institutions. The PREA Director has oversight responsibility of PREA implementation in DOC and oversees PREA investigations conducted for the DOC, local and county jails, lockups and detention facilities. There is a zero-tolerance standard for inmate sexual assault and staff sexual misconduct. The Wisconsin Legislature has made staff sexual misconduct a felony crime.

PREA is about sexual safety and the safety and security for staff, inmates, offenders, youth and the community. PREA incidents are cases involving the following types of conduct:

Note: the links below are for PREA Standards definitions
The DOC works with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that sexual abuse crimes of this nature are thoroughly investigated, and that the individuals involved are held accountable under the law and DOC administrative code.

PREA standards
Executive Summary
Prison and Jail
Community Confinement
Juvenile Facility
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Definitions of PREA Incident Types
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