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Prison Rape Elimination Act Unit
Christine Preston 
PREA Director

Leigha Weber
PREA Program and Policy Analyst - Advanced

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WIDOC) has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment in all of its confinement facilities.  The PREA Office coordinates implementation, compliance and audit activities for all WIDOC adult and juvenile facilities and is dedicated to preventing, detecting and responding to all incidents of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

To report sexual abuse or sexual harassment on behalf of an inmate or youth 

Wisconsin Department of Corrections investigates all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of inmates and youth in our custody.  We accept allegations in many forms from inmates and youth, including verbally to any staff member, in writing, through filing a grievance, through our internal and external hotline, anonymously, and from any third party on behalf of an inmate or youth. 

If you wish to report an allegation of sexual abuse or sexual harassment on behalf of any inmate or youth who is, or was at the time of the incident, in a DOC confinement facility please click the report button below to send an e-mail and the allegation will be investigated.  

Please provide as much information as possible including:

Inmate or youth full name
Inmate or youth date of birth
Inmate or youth DOC number 
Facility in which the incident occurred 
Facility in  which inmate or youth is housed at (if different from above)
Description of incident including date, locations, circumstances
Suspect information
Your information, if you wish to be contacted regarding this allegation

Report Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

Note: the links below are for PREA Standards definitions
The DOC works with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that sexual abuse crimes of this nature are thoroughly investigated, and that the individuals involved are held accountable under the law and DOC administrative code.

Executive Directive 72 - Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment in Confinement (PREA)

PREA standards

Executive Summary
Prison and Jail
Community Confinement
Juvenile Facility

Wisconsin PREA data

Definitions of PREA Incident Types
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2014 PREA Juvenile Facilities Annual Report
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2016 PREA Audit Reports
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Gordon Correctional Center
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
St. Croix Correctional Center
McNaughton Correctional Center
Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center
Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Center
Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center
Lincoln Hills School/Copper Lake School

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