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IT Staff

Bureau of Technology Management

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC), Division of Management Services (DMS) is seeking qualified and highly motivated candidates interested in challenging IT positions.  The Bureau of Technology Management (BTM) develops and supports a wide variety of applications across numerous platforms to run, improve, and transform the business.

BTM is located in our central administration office at 3099 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI.

Who is the Bureau of Technology Management?

BTM provides technology support for the Department of Corrections. This includes servers, desktop,  application development, and support for all facilities and locations. In addition, DOC has a separate Educational Network that is utilized by offenders as part of their rehabilitation. 

BTM is comprised of three areas:

  1. Business Services (technical services, service desk and field support, security and quality assurance)
  2. Applications (application development, business intelligence, and support for custom and vendor applications)
  3. Architecture and Project Management Office

BTM also has broad range of roles, assignments, and professional growth opportunities. It offers progression from entry level to the advanced level. 

Career progression is as follows:

Professional → Senior → Specialist → Consult/Admin

(entry level)    (tech expert)    (tech and lead)    (project mgt. and architecture)