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Families & Visitors

Families & Visitors
Father Read ProgramThe Wisconsin Department of Corrections understands the importance of having involvement from family and friends for offenders. If these individuals play an active role in an offender's life, it will have a positive impact on their chances for success upon release back into the community. Research shows that maintaining strong family ties with offenders inside a facility can have a positive impact on the offender’s chance for success after they are released.

For an offender to be successful in completing treatment programs and other services, it is important for you to stay connected with your loved one. Please familiarize yourself with how to visit and communicate with your loved ones and how to manage their property and financial matters. For an offender to be successful after his or her sentence, they need to complete specific reentry programming and build job skills during their incarceration. Support and encourage your loved one to use their time wisely so upon release, they have the skills and support they need to succeed.

The phone numbers and addresses of every DOC institution are available. To learn about the visitation process, visit Visitation Process.