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Families & Visitors

Columbia Correctional Institution
Columbia Correctional InstitutionMr. Michael Dittmann, Warden

2925 Columbia Drive
P.O. Box 950
Portage, WI 53901-0950

Phone: 608-742-9100
Fax: 608-742-9111

Inmate Mail - P.O. Box 900

Mission statement

The mission of the Columbia Correctional Institution is to protect the public by detaining adult male felons committed by State Courts to the DOC and readying these men for custody reduction and eventual reintegration into society. Protection of the public is both an immediate and long-range focus, as virtually all inmates will eventually be released. Through a philosophy of strict and constructive treatment, both perspectives are met.

Special historical notes and other institutional information
CCI encompasses 110 acres of land. Within the perimeter, there are 10 living units, each containing 50 cells and one 150-bed unit currently housing minimum security inmates. In addition to the living complexes, the physical plant of the institution includes a large visiting room, chapel, meeting rooms, health services area, staff offices, an intake and reception area, canteen, laundry, main kitchen, library, recreation field and gymnasium, an industry building, school, and vocational education workshops.