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Flambeau Correctional Center
Flambeau Correctional CenterMr. Brad Hoover, Superintendent

N671 County Road M
Hawkins, WI 54530-9400

Phone: 715-585-6394
Fax: 715-585-6563

Visiting Information

Information on the Flambeau Correctional Center (FCC)
FCC is located in the Flambeau River Forest, in Northwestern Wisconsin, approximately 10.5 miles north of Highway 8 on County Road M in Sawyer County. Flambeau Correctional Camp opened in 1954 and was built to house minimum security inmates. The inmates from Flambeau Camp were to supply a labor force to help develop the newly created Flambeau River State Forest. In the 1960's the focus changed and only juvenile offenders were housed at Flambeau. The juveniles attended local high schools in the area.

In 1980 Flambeau was closed briefly and re-opened in 1981 as a treatment center. In 1982 the focus returned to that of a work Center for minimum security inmates. Twenty permanent staff (12 security and seven non-security) members provide supervision and programs to the inmates.

Programs Offered at FCC
Currently, FCC is an 80-bed minimum security correctional facility for adult males. The Center provides various types of off-grounds work such as DNR forestry labor and community service projects. Inmates also have an opportunity to attend school on-grounds and earn their High School Equivalency Degree, obtain or renew their driver's license, participate in Cognitive Intervention Program (CGIP), AODA Program, Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, religious activities, and job employability skills workshops. Other in-house programs include Center work assignments and wood production shop.

FCC provides offenders with opportunities to live, work, and receive treatment and training that will assist them in leading successful and productive lives once they return to their community. FCC prepares the offender for release and provides a transition from prison to supervision in the community. FCC affords offenders opportunities to adjust to the freedom and life in the outside world gradually and responsibly, so that they become valued and contributing members of society.