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St. Croix Correctional Center
St. Croix Correctional CenterMs. Jo Skalski, Superintendent

1859 N. 4th St.
P.O. Box 36
New Richmond, WI 54017-0036

Phone: 715-246-6971
Fax: 715-246-3680

Visiting Information

Information on the St. Croix Correctional Center (SCCC)
SCCC is located in the city of New Richmond. SCCC developed and initiated the Challenge Incarceration Program in January 1991. The site consists of a 40,000-sq. ft. metal fabricated structure, completed in 1994, which houses the center’s administrative and staff offices, inmate dormitories, food services, combined dining hall/gymnasium, laundry, and general support facilities. The original modular structure, built in 1978 and expanded in 1985, is used for educational programs and housing. A modular structure was also built in 2003 to house female offenders in separate dormitories. Forty-eight permanent staff (31 security and 17 non-security) members provide supervision and programs to the inmates.

Programs offered at SCCC
The center has two programs that it offers to inmates: the 180-day program known as Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP) and the 120-day Alternative to Revocation (ATR) program known as ATLAS. The CIP began in 1991 with 18 inmates and is designed for Department of Adult Institution. The ATLAS program began in 1995 with eight inmates and is solely for Probation and Parole offenders as an ATR. Both of these programs are structured around discipline and treatment.

The center's mission is to provide the program participants with the opportunity to gain the personal resources needed to return to the community, to successfully complete community supervision and to remain crime and chemically free.

The program includes rigorous physical activity, manual work assignments, regimentation and discipline, instruction on military bearing, intensive AODA treatment, individualized educational programming, and in-depth group interaction addressing rational thinking and responsible behavior.

Our past and future efforts have and will remain consistent with our desire to work closely with the community and to provide the best possible corrections programming for the greatest number of offenders while affording a safe and protected environment for all.