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Conducting Research at DOC
The Research Review Committee (RRC) reviews all unsolicited research proposals submitted to the DOC regarding the use of employees, inmates, youthful offenders, parolees or probationers as human subjects of the research. Often this research is for academic or other professional purposes. Interested researchers should read Executive Directive #36 and submit the corresponding forms to the Research and Policy Unit of the DOC at for consideration.
Executive Directive #36 (policy governing research requests with instructions)

Forms for Requesting to Conduct Research
The Research Review Committee meets quarterly or as necessary to review research requests and makes recommendations to the Research and Policy Unit regarding project approval. Each proposal must be approved by the division administrator(s), facility leadership (Chief, Superintendent, Warden), and Head of the Research and Policy Unit. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the review date. Due to the multi-level review process, decisions may take a number of weeks. Please consider the length of time a review may take when submitting a proposal.

To review summary information of research activities previously approved by the DOC, visit Projects Approved by the Wisconsin DOC.

Please direct any questions or requests for further information to