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Reentry Unit
Reentry - A Bridge to Success

Silvia Jackson
Reentry Director

More than 95 percent of offenders under the custody of DOC will return to their communities. The public is best served if offenders are not only held accountable for their actions, but also have the opportunity to become law abiding and successful members of society. The ultimate goal of Reentry is crime reduction, fewer victims, reduced state and local criminal justice costs, and most importantly, safer families and communities.

Reentry promotes offender success from admission through discharge through the application of evidence based practices.The Department’s Reentry philosophy is governed by the Reentry Business Plan and calls for the engagement of offenders as early as possible through risk assessment and case planning in the COMPAS system, treatment, and motivation for change.

Resources for community partners
Grants-Letters of Support
Reentry Business Plan
Reentry Communications Document 2012
Reentry At-A-Glance Brochure
Recidivism Report
Fiscal Year 14 Becky Young Community Corrections Recidivism Reduction report
Fiscal Year 15 Becky Young Community Corrections Recidivism Reduction report
Fiscal Year 16 Becky Young Community Corrections Recidivism Reduction report
NIC 8 Principles of Effective Intervention
WICS Reference Guide
WICS PowerPoint
Windows to Work Program Manual
Resources for offenders and families
Reentry Information for Offenders
Reentry Information for Offenders (Spanish version)
Reaching In: A Handbook for Families of Parents Incarcerated
Reaching Out: A Handbook for Parents Incarcerated
Fair Shake Reentry Resource Center
A Simple Guide to Health Insurance
A Simple Guide to Health Insurance (Spanish version)
Health Insurance Options
Health Insurance Options (Spanish version)
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