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Division of Adult Institutions
Jim Schwochert, Administrator
Marc Clements, Assistant Administrator
Stephanie Hove, Assistant Administrator

PO Box 7925
Madison, WI 53707-7925
Phone: (608) 240-5104
Fax: (608) 240-3310

The Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) supervises about 21,800 inmates who have been sentenced by the courts to a term of incarceration or re-incarceration due to revocation of their community supervision placement.

DAI protects the public through secure and humane treatment of inmates who have been committed to its custody and affords inmates the opportunity to gain skills and insight into their criminal behavior that are needed to support a crime-free life upon release to the community.

The Division oversees 36
adult correctional facilities and three bureaus.

 DAI Bureaus and Offices
  Business Director Wendy Monfils
  Bureau of Correctional Enterprises Director Wesley Ray
  Bureau of Health Services Director James Greer
  Bureau of Offender Classification and Movement Director Mark Heise
  Office of Program Services Director Autumn Lacy, PhD, LPC, NCC, ICS
  Security Chief Mark Weisgerber

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