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Probation and Parole
Division of Community Corrections
Denise Symdon, Administrator
Cari Taylor, Assistant Administrator

Phone: 608-240-5300
Fax: 608-240-3330

The Division of Community Corrections (DCC) is charged with supervising more than 68,000 offenders placed by the courts on probation, parole or extended supervision in the community. DCC's mission is to enhance public safety by managing and reducing an offender’s risk to commit a new crime. Agents and staff do that by assessing an offender's risk and needs for programming and by providing supervision in collaboration with community partners so offenders change their behavior and repair the harm they have done.

Probation and parole agents supervise offenders daily in the community, and also provide investigative services to the courts, the Division of Adult Institutions, and the Parole Commission to aid in sentencing and community reentry planning. Under limited circumstances, agents supervise juveniles released to aftercare programs and persons conditionally released from mental health facilities.
Regional community corrections offices
Contact information for all of the regional community corrections offices. Map of DCC Offices

Offender Forms and Program Guide

Information and forms for offenders on community supervision.

Electronic Case Reference Manual
Reference manual for offenders on case information.

Standard Rules of Community Supervision
Information about the standard rules for all offenders and sex offenders.

DCC Monitoring Center
Information about DCC's 24/7 monitoring center, which handles after hours law enforcement contacts and electronic monitoring of offenders on community supervision.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry
Provides information about the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry, including information about sex offenders in the community who are required to register. The site also provides information about protecting individuals, communities, and loved ones from acts of sexual violence.

Offender locator 
Provides public record information of convicted offenders who were sentenced to incarceration, supervision, or both with DOC.

FAQ about offenders on probation, parole, or extended supervision 
Provides answers to commonly asked questions from offenders and their families.