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Black River Correctional Center
Black River Correctional CenterMr. Matthew Gerber, Superintendent

W6898 E Staffon Road
P.O. Box 19033
Black River Falls, WI 54615-6426

Phone: 715-333-5681
Fax: 715-333-2708

Visiting Information

Information about Black River Correctional Center
Black River Correctional Center (BRCC) is located 10 miles East of Black River Falls on Hwy. 54 - turn left on Kirsch Road for 1.5 miles. The center sits in the middle of Black River State Forest in eastern Jackson County. Housing is contained in one single story brick building and one metal building that includes inmate housing, kitchen, laundry, administrative offices and storage. The buildings can accommodate up to 114 male inmates. Thirty-six permanent staff (21 security and 15 non-security) members provide supervision and programs to the inmates.

Programs offered at BRCC
The center's inmates are involved in school programs consisting of a half day of school and a half day of working for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Work for the DNR includes pruning, planting, or girding trees in the state forest. Other work assignments include kitchen (full and part time), utility crew, laundry, community work crew (off-grounds), maintenance, teaching aide, and library clerk. Outside yard crews work on the outer grounds of the Jackson Correctional Institution. There are two community work crews that labor in local communities clearing brush for recreational activity, cutting wood, cleaning, painting and general labor.

Programs include off-grounds work assignments such as clear cutting, brushing or painting for city, county or non-profit organizations. Additionally, the center offers a number of on-grounds programs such as Driver Education, High School Equivalency, Exceptional Educational Needs and Building Services.

The center programs are a 180-day program, known as Challenge Incarceration Program and the 120-day ATR program. These programs are structured around discipline and treatment. The program includes rigorous physical activity, manual work assignments, regimentation and discipline, instruction on military bearing, intensive AODA treatment, individualized educational programming and in-depth group interaction addressing rational thinking, anger management and alcohol and drug abusers' support groups and responsible behavior.

Thirty-six permanent staff (21 security and 15 non-security) members provide supervision and programs to the inmates.

Our past and future efforts have and will remain consistent with our desire to work closely with the community and to provide the best possible corrections programming for the greatest number of offenders while affording a safe and protected environment for all.