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Green Bay Correctional Institution
Green Bay Correctional InstitutionMr. Scott Eckstein, Warden

2833 Riverside Drive
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307-9033

Phone: 920-432-4877
Fax: 920-432-5388

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Inmate Property Questions: Call 920-436-3223

Mission statement
  • To ensure the safety of the public, our staff, and the offenders by operating a safe, secure and humane institution.
  • To provide the offenders with opportunities to participate in meaningful programs and activities.
  • To increase successful reintegration into the community by preparing and guiding offenders in making necessary life changes as well as helping with resources for essential reentry into society.
Special historical notes and other Institutional information
Green Bay Correctional Institution is a maximum-security correctional institution that is administered by the DOC, Division of Adult Institutions. It is centrally located in Brown County between Green Bay, De Pere and the Fox and East Rivers.

In 1897, the Wisconsin Legislature approved $75,000 for construction of a state reformatory for male offenders who ranged in age from 17-30 years (in addition to the Waupun prison that housed older offenders). The purchase of 198 acres and old brick bicycle factory became the Wisconsin State Reformatory (WSR) and temporarily housed eight inmates, then transferred from Waupun on Aug. 31, 1898.

Prison construction occurred in the next two decades: North Cell Hall from 1898-1904, South Cell Hall and prior Administration Building from 1915-1922, and a wooden fence by 1916 for the main compound seven years later it was replaced by the existing 22-foot concrete wall.

In order to alleviate overcrowding in 1932, the Legislature decreased the age parameters of the 808 offenders housed at WSR to 16-25 years. But, in 1972, WSR became an adult male, maximum-security prison. The name was changed to the Green Bay Correctional Institution on July 1, 1979.

The majority of the now 29-acre grounds is contained within the perimeter walls secured by six armed towers. GBCI’s population of just over 1,000 offenders is housed in the two original 294-bed cell halls, two dormitory units (consisting of 112 and 50 bed units), mainstream unit (25 beds), and one 150-bed segregation building. This segregation unit is utilized for offender protective, temporary, emergency, and disciplinary confinement. Other areas are a kitchen, two dining rooms, power plant, laundry/textiles facilities, school (academic and vocational), health service unit, chapel, psychological/social service areas, maintenance facilities (including yard and garden), indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, a visiting room, and administrative offices.