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Families & Visitors

Lincoln Hills School for Boys
Lincoln Hills School
Wendy Peterson, Superintendent

W4380 Copper Lake Avenue
Irma, WI 54442

Phone: 715-536-8386
Fax: 715-536-8236

Driving Directions

Overview of Services to Youth Programs

Mission Statement

Lincoln Hills School provides community protection and holds youth fully responsible for their behaviors while offering them skill-building opportunities that contribute to victim and community restoration.

Institutional Information
LHS opened in the summer of 1970. From 1972 through 1994, both boys and girls were placed in the institution. In 2011, Copper Lake School for Girls opened at the Lincoln Hills site. LHS also serves as a secure detention resource for nearby counties.

Programs Unique to LHS
LHS offers an extensive range of programs, treatment and other services as described under Type 1 Secured Juvenile Correctional Facilities, but LHS also offers several unique programs:

Independent Living Program (ILP)
ILP is aimed at youth 17 years and older. Youth can earn a high school diploma or HSED as well as participate in vocational classes to develop skills in foundry, woodworking and small engine repair. North Central Technical College offers one-year certificates or two-year Associate’s Degrees in welding, computer assisted design or computer business applications. Youth participate in groups that address issues of independent living, help develop pro-social goals/skills and create increased awareness of the impact of crime on victims. Youth perform various jobs at LHS to earn money to pay restitution and engage in community service projects.

Great Lakes Inter Tribal Council
The program provides a variety of services mostly for Native American youth regarding cultural issues and spirituality (sweat lodges, pow-wows, etc.). Individual counseling and various groups are offered. The Council trains LHS staff on Native American issues.

Additional Programs
Summer Olympics