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McNaughton Correctional Center

McNaughton Correctional CenterMr. Bradley Kosbab, Superintendent

8500 Rainbow Road
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539-9558

Phone: (715) 277-2484
Fax: (715) 277-2293


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Information About the McNaughton Correctional Center

McNaughton Correctional Center (MCC) is located just west of the Town of Lake Tomahawk, on State Forest Road D, in Oneida County. The center is made up of seven buildings and is located on a 60-acre parcel on Little Tomahawk Lake. The center is part of the Wisconsin Correctional Center System, an "institution" comprised of 14 adult, male correctional centers and overseen by a single warden, whose office is centrally located in Madison.

The original facility was built in 1931 as a state correctional forestry camp, receiving inmates transferred from the Green Bay Reformatory.  When the Lake Tomahawk Tuberculosis Rehabilitation Camp closed in 1957, its buildings and grounds were deeded to the Department of Corrections and MCC was relocated to the camp.Today, some of the original camp structures that were built in 1910 are on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

Programs offered at MCC
Onsite Work Programs
MCC is a minimum security facility designed to help prepare the inmate for reintegration into the community through educational programing, vocational skills training, and off site work opportunities. The programs provided at MCC are developed to promote a positive work ethic and establish positive behavioral habits the inmate can utilize upon their release.  All MCC inmates are given full-time work assignments that support center operations.

Educational Programs

ABE/HSED Programs

Woodshop Production

MCC operates a sawmill, a small wood shop, and cabinetry shop.  Since beginning operations in 2013, the sawmill has provided over 18,000 board feet of lumber to 10 different wood shop programs administered by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Self-Help Support Groups

Alcohol and chemical dependency support groups are available on-grounds.

Community Enhancement

MCC project and service crews works off-grounds daily, completing community service and state forestry projects, which offers participants a positive work experience, builds new skills, and gives back to the community.  A crew of 12 provides tree cutting, roadsides brush removal, painting, disaster/emergency cleanup, etc.  Work is also performed for local and state government agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations.

MCC project crews pick of 90,000 lbs. of potatoes, and over 5,000 lbs. of apples that they subsequently deliver to six different institutions in Northern Wisconsin, as part of a collaborative project with the UW Agriculture station in Rhinelander

Volunteer crews work with the Wisconsin DNR to propagate beetles for the “Purple Loosestrife,” an invasive species, Biological Control Program. 

MCC partners with an Oneida County Humane Society canine socialization program with called “New Beginnings.”