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New Lisbon Correctional Institution
New Lisbon Correctional InstitutionMr. Timothy Douma, Warden

2000 Progress Road
P.O. Box 2000
New Lisbon, WI 53950-2000

Phone: 608-562-6400
Fax: 608-562-6410

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Mission statement
New Lisbon Correctional Institution is committed to the safety, security and protection of the public, staff and offenders in a humane and constructive manner. Offenders will be held accountable for their actions and the positive or negative consequences associated with those choices. We will encourage offenders to develop goals conducive to positive release planning and reentry into society. We strive to provide offenders with a set of positive behavioral options to enhance their successful reintegration back into society.

Special historical notes and other institutional Information
The 500-cell medium security prison in New Lisbon stands on a 100 acre site and is designed to house 950 inmates. The facility offers inmate programming that includes education, religion, and inmate job assignments.

There is a 50 bed segregation unit. The eight buildings on the site includes two housing units; a gatehouse; a core building housing a health services unit, a school complex, library, religious programming space, and administrative offices; and miscellaneous support facilities.

Staffing includes administrative, security, treatment, health services, and support staff.

Total construction costs were $42,035,000.