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Oregon Correctional Center

Oregon Correctional CenterMr. Troy Hermans, Superintendent

5140 Hwy. M
P.O. Box 25
Oregon, WI 53575-0025

Phone: (608) 835-3233
Fax: (608) 835-3175


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Information About the Oregon Correctional Center (OCC)
OCC is a 120-bed, minimum-security facility for adult males that is located south of Madison, one mile from the city of Oregon.  The center is part of the Wisconsin Correctional Center System, an "institution" comprised of 14 adult, male correctional centers that is overseen by a single warden, whose office is centrally located in Madison. 

The original OCC buildings were constructed in 1928 to provide housing for inmates who worked on the adjacent correctional farm.  Responsibility for the provision of inmate labor for the farm operation, which is managed by the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises, transitioned to Oakhill Correctional Institution in 2004.

Staff at OCC strive to assist inmates with preparation for successful return to their communities.  Inmates are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude, good work ethic, proper conduct, and respect for themselves and others.

Programs offered at OCC

OCC programs are designed to provide inmates with incentives and motivation to develop good work habits and a sense of responsibility that will contribute to a more rewarding and successful life upon release to the community.


Off-site Work Release / Project Crews

Work release and project crews are primary initiatives at OCC.  Work release jobs in the surrounding communities employ between 65-90 inmates at any given time.  Work release earnings help to pay room, board, and transportation costs; child support; and court ordered restitution, fees, and fines. Work release money also helps to establish a savings account that can be used to assist the inmate with costs associated with reentry into the community.  


Work release is a privilege and is provided at the discretion of the center superintendent and warden. Decisions regarding eligibility for work release are based upon many factors; appropriate placements cannot be guaranteed for all (eligible) inmates.


Pre-release Curriculum

The DOC's standardized pre-release curriculum and employability skills training are key components to preparing inmates to successfully obtain and retain jobs upon release. The pre-release curriculum modules also provide skills and tools to assist inmates upon the completion of their commitment.  



OCC provides voluntary self-help programs, such as Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous, that are open to all inmates who have substance abuse related issues. Community volunteers facilitate each group and meetings are held both on and off center grounds.