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Oshkosh Correctional Institution
Green Bay Correctional InstitutionMs. Judy P. Smith, Warden

1730 W. Snell Road
P.O. Box 3530
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3530

Phone: 920-231-4010
Fax: 920-236-2615/2626


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Mission Statement

To protect society from unwarranted acts, both now and in the future, which may be committed by offenders referred to us for the purpose of rehabilitation. The primary way we can fulfill that responsibility, as far as the future is concerned, is through a program of "productive adjustment."

Special historical notes and other Institutional Information
A new medium security prison was first proposed in 1977, by the "Flad Report" - a six year master plan commissioned by the Legislature. Wis. Stat. 301.16(lm) designated. . ." the 300 bed medium security institution shall be the Oshkosh Correctional Institution (OSCI), located north of the city of Oshkosh at the site of the DOC Winnebago Correctional Farm." Construction was started in the fall of 1984, and OSCI was activated to receive inmates in September 1986. In order to make room for the many expansion projects to the institution, the Winnebago State Prison Farm was razed and relocated to Waupun. All OSCI property was annexed to the City of Oshkosh. OSCI has a rated bed capacity of 1,494 and in 1996, reached an inmate population over 1,800.