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Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility
 Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility Ms. Pamela J. Wallace, Warden

1501 Albert St.
P.O. Box 2200
Racine, WI 53404-0001

Phone: 262-638-1999
Fax: 262-638-1777

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Mission statement
The mission of the Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility is the care and custody of male offenders, ages 15 through 24 who have been committed through the adult courts to the DOC. In doing this, the institution will provide effective security; meaningful programs; accessible quality health care; a safe environment for staff, offenders, and visitors; a caring environment for offenders; and, an environment fostering positive, professional relationships amongst staff ,between staff and offenders, and between the institution and the community. The institution will promote responsibility and learning on the part of the offenders.

Special historical notes and other institutional information
The Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility is the first major Wisconsin correctional institution in the heart of an urban area. This institution is the first in Wisconsin specifically for a particular age group within medium security. The secure perimeter includes two housing units, each containing 120 cells for 450 offenders. There is also a 27 bed segregation unit. In addition to the living units, the physical plant includes a visiting room, multi-purpose room/chapel, meeting rooms, health services area, various staff offices, education area, recreation field, gymnasium, and support building housing maintenance, food service industries. The institution contracts with the community for food service and canteen services.