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Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center

Sanger B. Powers Correctional CenterMr. Patrick Melman, Superintendent

N8375 County Line Road
Oneida, WI 54155-9300

Phone: (920) 869-1095
Fax: (920) 869-2650


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Information on the Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center (SPCC)

SPCC is located approximately three miles north of the village of Oneida in Outagamie County.  The center houses 120 minimum-security, adult male inmates.  SPCC is part of the Wisconsin Correctional Center System, an "institution" comprised of 14 adult, male correctional centers that is overseen by a single warden, whose office is centrally located in Madison. 

SPCC was opened in 1982, replacing the aging bunkhouse that was home to inmates who worked at Oneida Farm, then operated by Green Bay Correctional Institution.  The center was named for Sanger B. Powers, Sr., who was recognized for his long history of leadership in the field of corrections, both within the state of Wisconsin and nationally.  Mr. Powers was responsible for many of the correctional programs that are now used as models in the field.  

Mr. Powers’ philosophy is demonstrated by the following quote:

“Every individual, black, white, good or bad, is possessed of basic worth and dignity that is not statutory but is God given. Kindness, courtesy and respect for offenders as our fellow man can supply motivation for change by example. An undiscovered talent, a misapplied ability, a single wasted or misguided life is a threat to our capacity to survive.”

SPCC staff continue to perpetuate this philosophy today.  

Programs offered at SPCC

SPCC provides a meaningful work experience in an effort to assists inmates with assuming the responsibilities expected of them as citizens of the community.  


Off-site Work Release / Project Crews

Upon intake to the center, inmates must complete a monitoring period while working in center job, on a project crew, or in community service, prior to being considered for work release.


The SPCC work release program provides qualified inmates the opportunity to adjust to freedom and life in the outside world gradually and responsibly, prior to their release from prison to the community. The program is intended to provide job skills training, employment experience and references, a positive work ethic, and self-sufficiency skills. Work release earnings help inmates to pay restitution, court ordered fees/obligations, and child support, and to gain savings in preparation for release. SPCC averages approximately 70 men on work release in Brown, Outagamie, Shawano, and Door counties.

Work release is a privilege and is provided at the discretion of the center superintendent and warden. Decisions regarding eligibility for work release are based upon many factors; appropriate placements cannot be guaranteed for all (eligible) inmates.