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Stanley Correctional Institution
Stanley Correctional InstitutionMr. Reed Richardson, Warden

100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768-6500

Phone: (715) 644-2960
Fax: (715) 644-2966


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Purpose Statement

Stanley Correctional Institution (SCI) seeks to maintain a safe and secure institution and to provide inmates with opportunities for self-improvement.


  • To ensure the safety of the public, staff and inmates by the enforcement and application of established correctional practices.
  • To create a sense of community and shared responsibility in the workplace.
  • To develop individualized correctional strategies based on the unique needs of individual inmates.
  • To ensure that all staff have the opportunity for professional development.
  • To safeguard the assets of the State of Wisconsin by appropriate use and maintenance of equipment and resourceful use of supplies.
  • To advocate new and creative ideas in establishing environmentally friendly and cost effective measures when dealing with fiscal planning.
  • To ensure future success by being willing and open to explore new ideas and make changes.
  • To emphasize employee assistance and workplace enhancement programs so our staff are well aware of our dedication to a positive work environment and to provide support for them in dealing with difficult situations and incidents they may encounter.
  • To teach, model, and reinforce respectful relationships through our daily interactions with each other and with the inmates placed here.
  • To emphasize that all staff here, uniformed and non-uniformed, are responsible for both security and treatment, regardless of their classification.
  • To provide a harassment free environment for all staff, visitors, and inmates.
  • To engage community enrichment through volunteer recruitment, open communication, and active participation in community events.
  • To be sensitive and responsive to victim issues, including anyone victimized in this facility. 
  • To positively reflect the Department of Corrections by maintaining a clean and orderly facility.

Special Historical Notes and Other Institutional Information

SCI is a medium-security  institution for adult males with an operating capacity of 1500.  Construction started in 1998 and was a joint venture of the Dominion Company and the City of Stanley.  In November of 2001, the State of Wisconsin purchased the prison from Dominion.  SCI is built on 100 acres, just south of Stanley and Hwy 29.  There are 45 acres within the perimeter of the facility and the outside perimeter measures 1.1 miles.