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Taycheedah Correctional Institution

Taycheedah Correctional InstitutionMs. Deanne Schaub, Warden

751 County Road K
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1947

Phone: (920) 929-3800
Fax: (920) 929-2946


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Information on the Taycheedah Correctional Institution (TCI)
TCI is a maximum and medium security facility entrusted with the custody and supervision of the state's incarcerated female offenders.

Our mission is to protect the public, using a well-trained and professional workforce through the construction management of offenders, reducing criminal behavior, and restoring a sense of safety to the community. This is accomplished by offering opportunities for offenders in education, programming, work and other constructive activities to encourage positive personal growth and independence. We are proud to provide the female offender health care that is consistent with professional, community, and correctional health care standards.

Taycheedah's history began in the early 1800's, when Gov. James Doty established a home in Fond du Lac, which to this day stands on the institution grounds. In the early 1850's, female offenders were housed in the Wisconsin State Prison, known today as Waupun Correctional Institution. In 1912, work began on the creation of a women's facility and in 1921, the Wisconsin Industrial Home for Women was opened. Those first women were mostly committed for so called "crimes against morality," while repeat and more violent or serious offenders were housed at the prison in Waupun.

In 1931, work began on the Wisconsin Prison for Women, to be located adjacent to the Industrial Home. This facility was completed and opened in 1933, and the women who had been at Waupun were transferred here. There were two separate facilities operating on the same grounds. In 1945, the two facilities were consolidated and given the name Wisconsin Home for Women. In 1975, the legislature changed the name to Taycheedah Correctional Institution. In 1995, the first housing unit erected since 1933 was opened. The new $5.7 million unit almost doubled the institution population.

During the 1990's, the female offender population continued to rise to record levels. TCI pursued was granted approval for a new 64-bed special management unit, a 64-bed segregation unit, and a 240-bed minimum security unit to better manage a growing population. These three new units came on-line in January 2002. The Health Services Unit was remodeled and expanded to open in 2004. In December 2004, Wisconsin Women’s Center System/TCI took over all of the female intake Assessment and Evaluation (A&E) responsibilities from Dodge Correctional Institution, which consisted of 119 beds.

All female facilities became the Wisconsin Women's Correctional System (WWCS) on Aug. 21, 2005, transitioning all female institutions and centers under the direction of one warden. The third floor of Addams Hall was renovated and opened in May 2007 to provide additional bed space due to an increase in population, which soared over 800 offenders in December 2007. Remodeling construction began in February 2008 in existing Gower building to provide new A&E intake area for new admissions and a central location for all offenders processing for movement on/off grounds completed in July 2008. Addams Hall third floor closed in June, with population averaging 750. Construction also began to expand the Gatehouse, which was completed in September 2008.