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Wisconsin Secure Program Facility

Wisconsin Secure Program FacilityMr. Gary Boughton, Warden

1101 Morrison Drive
P.O. Box 1000
Boscobel, WI 53805-0900

Phone: (608) 375-5656
Fax: (608) 375-5595


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Purpose Statement

The Wisconsin Secure Program Facility (WSPF), the state’s most secure facility, safely and humanely houses, manages, and controls inmates who demonstrate serious behavioral problems in other settings. WSPF provides inmates the opportunity to acquire skills needed for potential integration into less secure correctional environments.

Special Historical Notes and Other Institutional Information
Programming at WSPF is designed to provide inmates with some of the assistance necessary to modify their behavior to a degree that may allow them to be returned to a traditional maximum-security facility. In order to be placed in a traditional max facility, inmates must demonstrate that they will not create an unreasonable risk to staff, other inmates, themselves, or the secure and orderly running of the institution. Inmates who are transferred to WSPF have earned their way to this facility through behavior exhibited in alternate sites, which has jeopardized the safety and security of the facility, staff and/or other inmates. WSPF aims to influence the behavior of high-risk inmates by using a system of phase designed to manage risk in conjunction with treatment/programming. Inmates progress through three phases, of which the final is a transition phase prior to the return of the inmate to a less-restrictive, maximum-security facility.

WSPF houses general population inmates, general restrictive housing inmates, and inmates in administrative confinement in a maximum-security setting.  Inmates are encouraged to display positive behaviors and adjustments to the WSPF correctional setting.  Inmates who exhibit appropriate conduct may earn the opportunity for transfer to another DAI facility.