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Juvenile Services

Division of Juvenile Corrections
John D. Paquin, Administrator
Shelby A. B. McCulley, Assistant Administrator

Phone: 608-240-5900
Fax: 608-240-3371

 John D. Paquin                Shelby A. B. McCulley

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The Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC) will reduce delinquent behavior and restore a sense of safety to victims and the community. The mission of DJC is to promote a juvenile justice system that balances protection of the community, youth accountability and competency building for responsible and productive community living.

Primary responsibilities of DJC

The DJC has two primary responsibilities:

DJC provides correctional supervision and offers programs and services to youth during their placement at a JCF. Generally, youth have time remaining on their court commitment orders upon their return to the community. On average, youth continue to be on correctional supervision for three to four months after leaving a JCF, except for serious juvenile offenders who may remain on supervision for two to three years. The Case Management Manual summarizes the phases of a youth’s supervision in the Case Management System.

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