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Victim Services

Notification Services
Office of Victim Services and Programs (OVSP)OVSP is committed to meeting the needs of crime victims, their families and the community through a variety of services including information, support and advocacy.  

Some of the information offered to crime victims comes through two important notification services.
  • VOICE for Victims (for information about offenders under the custody or supervision of the Wisconsin DOC or Department of Health Services)
  • WI-VINE (for information about offenders in Wisconsin county jails) 

VOICE for Victims

Information and Notification System for DOC & DHS

VOICE: 1-800-398-2403

VOICE is a free telephone and online service that provides enrolled victims, survivors and witnesses of crime with information and notification about individuals who are under the custody or supervision of DOC, including:
  • Voice for VictimsOffenders incarcerated in the Wisconsin Prison System
  • Offenders on supervision in the community
  • Individuals on Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry
VOICE is also available to victims for information and notification about individuals who are civilly committed to the custody/supervision of DHS:
  • Sexually violent person
  • Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect
Enrolled victims may access offender information via a 24-hour automated phone information system at 1-800-398-2403 or via VOICE at

In addition, enrolled victims will receive written notification of changes to offenders/individuals status.

Enrollment: Victims can get information about enrolling with VOICE from their county victim/witness program or they can contact the OVSP at 1-800-947-5777.

WI-VINE: Victim Information & Notification Everyday
 County Jail Information and Notification System

WI-VINE: 1-888-WI-4-VINE (1-888-944-8463)
The Wisconsin Statewide Victim Notification (WI-VINE) service is a free and anonymous service that provides victims and the general public with information and notification about offenders who are under the custody of a Wisconsin county jail. WI-VINE monitors the custody status of offenders in Wisconsin’s county jails and offers access to offender custody status by telephone or online. Information is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The WI-VINE service is available in English, Spanish, and Hmong and is supported by 24-hour trained operator assistance.

Anyone may call WI-VINE at 1-888-WI 4 VINE (1-888-944-8463) to determine the custody status of an offender. Information is also available at To search for offender by phone, callers will be asked to enter the offender’s name using their telephone keypad or they can search online. Once the offender’s information is located, the system will provide the offender’s name, booking number, custody status, location, and (if available) the scheduled release date.

Callers may register by phone or online with WI-VINE to receive automated notification when there is a change in the offender’s custody status. To register, users will be asked to provide the telephone number(s) where they wish to receive notification and provide a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) of their choosing. If registering at, users can also register for email notification.

Once registered, victims will receive notification when there is a change to the offender’s custody status, either via email or a phone call (depending on what the victim chose when they registered). Calls will continue every 30 minutes for 48 hours or until the correct PIN is entered; entering the correct PIN confirms and stops the calls. If WI-VINE reaches an answering machine or voicemail, the notification message is repeated twice and calls then continue every two hours. If a person answers the call, but does not enter the PIN or enters an incorrect PIN, calls also continue every two hours. Calls regarding offender status changes, which do not create a risk, such as transfer to another jail or to DOC are only made during the hours of 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Status changes which place the offender in the community such as release, bond, or end of sentence continue around the clock. For more information about WI-VINE, call OVSP at 1-800-947-5777.