Public Records Requests

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is committed to openness and transparency, which includes fulfilling its obligations under Wisconsin's Public Records Law (Wis. Stats. §§ 19.31 - 19.37). While exemptions exist for certain records, state law makes a presumption of public access.

In addition to the Wisconsin Public Records Law, Executive Order 189 and Executive Order 235 direct state agencies to provide public records training to employees and set certain standards for the fulfillment of public records requests.

DOC utilizes the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Public Records Request Fee Schedule to determine fees for requests (except requests for healthcare records) and does not charge for redaction of records. Fees for healthcare records are determined by Wis. Stats. § 146.83 (3f).

When submitting a public records request, DOC recommends contacting the region or facility which houses the records you are seeking. If you are unsure where to submit your request or have questions regarding public records, please submit your request or questions to

Members of the media should submit public records requests to

DOC has posted a Public Records Notice at DOC offices and facilities which contains contact information for legal custodians at that worksite.

Authorization Forms

Authorization For Disclosure Of Non-Health Confidential Information

Autorización Para Divulgar Información Confidencial Que No Es De Salud

Authorization For Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information

Autorización Para La Utilización Y Divulgación Do Información Protegida Sobre La Salud

Revocation Of Authorization For Use and Disclosure Of Protected Health Information

Revocacion De Authorizacion De Uso Y Divulgacion De Informacion Protegida De Salud