Wisconsin VINE

Wisconsin VINE is a service provided by the Office of Victim Services and Programs (OVSP) in partnership with local law enforcement agencies. Wisconsin VINE is anonymous, providing information and notification regarding inmates in county jails to victims, law enforcement, and the community. Victims and the general public can enroll through the Wisconsin VINE website or phone line to receive automated phone or email notifications about changes in an inmate's custody status. Users can also call or go online to check an offender's status without registering for notifications. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Hmong.
There are two ways to enroll for Wisconsin VINE:

Phone: 1-888-WI-4 VINE (1-888-944-8463)

Once registered, victims will receive notifications regarding changes in an inmate's custody status. If registered for phone notification, users are required to choose a four digit PIN and will need to enter this four digit PIN to stop automated phone calls. Calls will continue for 48 hours or until the correct PIN is entered.