Equity and Inclusion

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​Th​e Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee (EIAC) is a cross-divisional, diverse group motivated to establish an​d preserve Equity and Inclusion (E&I) within D​OC.


DOC is committed to the principles of Equity and Inclusion (E&I) for all employees and applicants without regard to an individual's race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information or marital status. EIAC has outlined four broad goals designed to advance and achieve Equity and Inclusion throughout the Department:


​​Increase diversity amo​ng the applicant pool


​Address hiring disparities in underutilized job groups within employment (minorities, women or people with disabilities) and of people who are not perceived members of social majority groups


​Create inclusive environments in which people feel safe, welcome & heard, thereby increasing retention


Promote a respectful culture free of bias that values diversity and actively engages in inclusion

Through thoughtful and ongoing implementation of culturally responsive and equitable policies and practices, our agency will intentionally address and dismantle individual and systematic racism, discrimination and bias under capable leadership that helped to develop the DOC Equity and Inclusion Plan.