Department of Corrections Executive Leadership

DOC Assistant Deputy Secretary Jared Hoy

​Jared Hoy, Deputy Secretary

Jared Hoy serves the Department of Corrections as Deputy Secretary. He draws from over 20 years of experience in the criminal justice and corrections arenas in advising the Secretary on corrections policy and evidence-based initiatives prioritized by the Governor’s Office.

Jared has worked in the field of Corrections since 1999, starting in MN as a youth counselor, field agent, and finally research analyst. In 2007, he became employed by the WI Department of Corrections supervising a community corrections office in Superior, WI. In 2012, Jared moved to Madison to assume the role of Program & Policy Chief for the Division of Community Corrections. Moving into the Secretary’s Office in 2013, Jared served as Policy Initiatives Advisor facilitating the implementation of evidence-based risk/need assessment for the state. Starting in 2018, Jared held Assistant Administrator and Administrator roles in the Division of Management Services.​

Jared is academically oriented as a criminal justice practitioner, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Counseling and Therapy. He has lectured on correctional best practice in several graduate programs including at UW-Madison, Superior, and Platteville.​

Melissa Roberts, Assistant Deputy Secretary 

Melissa Roberts serves the Department of Corrections as Assistant Deputy Secretary. She is well-known and respected throughout our agency, due to a track record of success throughout her distinguished career in WI Department of Corrections. Melissa most recently served as the Administrator to the Division of Management Services (DMS), overseeing the Department's budget, information technology, records, fiscal, procurement, contracts and risk management bureaus. Prior to her current role, Melissa served as Assistant Administrator in DMS. 

Melissa's vast experience across many jurisdictions in criminal justice uniquely prepares her for her new role. Melissa started her career with DOC in the Division of Community Corrections as a Probation and Parole Agent, and then as a Field Supervisor. She continued her work in DCC, later promoting to the Director of Sex Offender Programs. In 2010, she joined the executive ranks in the Secretary's Office, serving as both Executive Assistant and Legislative Liaison. In 2015, Melissa broadened her experience in Corrections by accepting the Director of Parole position in Colorado DOC. Melissa returned to WIDOC in 2018, working as the Assistant Administrator in DAI and Director of the Office of Detention Facilities. 

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and was recognized with UW Platteville's Achievement in Criminal Justice Award in 2013. She has served on a variety of state and national councils in the field of corrections.​