Administrative Rules

The Wisconsin Legislature has conferred on state agencies the authority to promulgate administrative rules, while retaining oversight of the rulemaking process. Standing committees in each house of the Legislature and the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, as well as the Legislative Council’s Administrative Rules Clearinghouse, play a significant role in the review of proposed administrative rules. In addition to the requirements for legislative review of rules, the Governor has broad authority to review and approve or disapprove proposed rules.

An overview of the administrative rules promulgation process can be found in Chapter 5 of the Wisconsin State Legislature Briefing Book.

DOC 302Assessment And Evaluation, Security Classification And Sentence Computation
DOC 303Discipline
DOC 304Inmate Secure Work Program
DOC 306Security
DOC 308Administrative Confinement
DOC 309Resources For Inmates
DOC 310Complaint Procedures
DOC 311Observation Status
DOC 313Prison Industries
DOC 314Mental Health Treatment For Inmates
DOC 316Medical, Dental And Nursing Copayment Charge
DOC 324Work And Study Release
DOC 325Temporary Release Under Supervision
DOC 326Leave For Qualified Inmates
DOC 327Community Residential Confinement
DOC 328Community Supervision Of Offenders
DOC 330Pharmacological Treatment For Certain Child Sex Offenders
DOC 331Probation, Parole, Or Extended Supervision Revocation Procedures
DOC 332Sex Offender Registration And Community Notification Requirements
DOC 333Intensive Sanctions
DOC 335Environmental Policy Implementation
DOC 346Secure Detention For Juveniles

​DOC 347​
​Secured Residential Care Centers For Children And Youth
DOC 348Huber Facilities
DOC 349Municipal Lockup Facilities
DOC 350Jails
DOC 371Youth Assessment And Case Management
DOC 373Youth Conduct In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 374Administrative Confinement In Type 1 Secured Correctional Institutions
DOC 375Observation Status In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 376Security In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 379Living Conditions For Youth In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 380Complaint Procedure For Youth In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 381Furloughs, Offgrounds Leave And Trial Visits For Youth In Type 1 Secured Correctional Facilities
DOC 383Use Of Psychotropic Medication
DOC 392Drug Testing Of Youth On County Supervision, Type 2 Status Or Aftercare
DOC 393Youth Aftercare Conduct And Revocation
DOC 394Type 2 Child Caring Institutions
DOC 396Type 2 Secured Correctional Facilities

ChapterRelating ToInfo LinkRule Type
DOC 309
Segregated account funds
SS 077-21
Emergency and Permanent
DOC 309
Inmate personal property
SS 017-23
Emergency and Permanent
DOC 309
Resources for inmates
SS 096-22
DOC 328
Short-term sanctions and
contracting for supervision
of individuals
SS 046-23
DOC 328
Adult field supervision
SS 005-21
DOC 346
Secure detention for
SS 036-22
DOC 373
Youth conduct in Type 1
secured correctional facilities
SS 115-21
DOC 374 & 376
Security in Type 1 secured
correctional facilities
SS 078-21

The Department of Corrections welcomes input from the public during the development of administrative rules. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 227.19(3)(b), the department will report a summary of comments received during public comment periods to the Legislature. Included in this report will be the Department’s response to those comments and an explanation of any modification made to the proposed rule as a result of comments or testimony received at a public hearing. Comments are voluntary and personal information may be provided to requestors to the extent required by Wisconsin Open Record Laws (Wis. Stat. § 19.31-19.39).

Public comments should be submitted during public comment periods for applicable administrative rules through one of the following methods.

  1. U.S. Mail: DOC Administrative Rules Committee, P.O. Box 7925, Madison, WI 53707

The Department of Corrections is holding a preliminary public hearing on SS 036-22 regarding DOC 346 on June 8th, 2022 and is also soliciting public comments on this scope statement. Please see the Notice of Hearing in the Wisconsin Administrative Register for additional information.

Mail:  DOC Administrative Rules Committee
P.O. Box 7925
Madison, WI 53932