DAI Prison Releases Dashboard


The release data presented includes all physical releases from WI DOC adult prisons. Each release in a calendar year is counted; therefore an inmate may be counted more than once in a year if he/she is released multiple times.

The data does not include inmates released under Division of Community Corrections supervision held in prison on a temporary hold.

Release Types

  • Extended Supervision/Mandatory Release: Supervision post-release.
  • Paroled: A conditional release with post-release supervision.
  • Discharge from Sentence: Entire sentence was served in prison and offender discharged directly to the community with no remaining supervision term.
  • Death: Inmate died while incarcerated.
  • Other: Releases from Alternatives to Revocation, releases from WI DOC prisons to Federal or other state prisons, and releases after the completion of revocation hearings in which the offender’s supervision was not revoked.

Time Served

Time served is calculated as the time between an inmate’s admission and release from a WI prison. This does not account for time spent in county jail prior to admission to a WI DOC prison or jail credits given at sentencing. It is simply a measure of the amount of time an inmate was physically in a WI DOC prison.

Time Served categories are rounded at the half year; therefore an inmate who served one year and four months is in the “1 yr.” category. An inmate who served one year and six months is in the “2 yrs.” category.

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