Personal Health Information Notice


Current Notifications

MADISON, WI – On April 22, 2024, DOC discovered that the names of some treatment facilities for some former and current Persons in Our Care (PIOC) were inadvertently disclosed in an internal DOC document sent to some DOC job applicants.

The skill-testing document was emailed to 30-100 DOC job candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, from March 2020 through Feb. 2024. Additional job applicants as far back as 2016 also may have received the document via email, but only under rare circumstances.

The data in the document included a DOC #, the individual's date of birth, and the name of the mental health or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) facility where the individual resided for a period of time. The dataset did not include any names or other sensitive or protected health information (PHI). Upon discovery of the incident, the document was immediately removed from use and all protected health information (PHI) was removed from it.

HIPAA breach notifications have been sent to 233 persons affected by the disclosure. Affected individuals who have not received a DOC letter by June 28, 2024, or have questions about the breach incident may call toll free 888-637-5730, or click here to view the letter sent to affected individuals.

Members of the media who have questions regarding this issue may contact: