Personal Health Information Notice



MADISON, WI – On June 24, 2019, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) sent records in response to an Open Records request that contained incarcerated individuals’ personal identification number and current incarceration location. No names or other personally identifying information was disclosed. Rather, the records disclosed contained the possibility for the user to potentially determine if an inmate was residing at a substance abuse facility or potentially receiving substance abuse treatment, which is considered protected health information under the law.


The information was only seen by two individuals who have since confirmed with the DOC that the information has been deleted and destroyed.


The DOC has mailed out notifications to the 1,041 persons affected by the disclosure. Affected individuals who have not received a notification letter by September 6, 2019 or have questions about the breach of information incident can contact 888-985-6551 or click here to view the letter distributed to affected individuals.

Members of the media who have questions regarding this issue can contact: