Personal Health Information Notice


Current Notifications

MADISON, WI –  On May 15th, 2020 an employee with the Department of Corrections discovered that location information for those residing at a treatment facility were not masked on three vendor websites which DOC has contracted for canteen orders. Certain information was viewable to the public, specifically person's in our cares names and the name and address of the treatment facility. The name and treatment facility information were listed and associated with individuals residing in those facilities for the purposes of individuals to purchase and send canteen items to those confined within the facility.  No other treatment records or sensitive information about the provision of healthcare or substance use treatment were released.

The DOC has worked with the vendors to update their websites to no longer have the names and addresses of the treatment facilities viewable to the public.

The DOC mailed out notification to the 1,853 persons affected by the disclosure. Affected individuals who have not received a notification letter by July 20, 2020 or have questions about the breach of information incident can contact 1-888-379-3215 or click here to view the letter distributed to affected individuals.​

Members of the media who have questions regarding this issue can contact: DOCMedia@wiscons​