Office of Detention Facilities

​​​​​​​​​Greg​ Bucholtz, Director

Phone: 414-852-6531

​The Office of Detention Facilities has statutory authority to regulate and provide oversight of county jails, houses of correction, secure juvenile detention facilities, Huber facilities, and municipal lockup facilities.

Standards are established in state Administrative Code for the design, construction, repair, maintenance, operation, and management of these facilities. Regional Detention Facility Specialists conduct annual inspections of each facility, provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions, conduct training, and assist sheriffs, jail administrators, superintendents, police chiefs, and other local officials in the operation and management of facilities.

Nationally-recognized correctional best practices and applicable state and federal statutes governing these facilities mitigate risk and reduce liability, contributing to safer and more secure facilities. In turn, this promotes public safety and adds to the success of offenders reentering the community.


Regional Unit Map

Detention Facilities Map

​2022 ODF Annual Report

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Chapter DOC 346: Secure Detention for Juveniles

Chapter DOC 347: Secured Residential Care Centers for Children and Youth​

Chapter DOC 348: Huber Facilities

Chapter DOC 349: Municipal Lockup Facilities

Chapter DOC 350: Jails