Secure Residential Care Center for Children and Youth

​Secure Residential Care Center for Children and Youth (SRCC)

Act 185 allows a county or American Indian tribe to establish a Secure Residential Care Center for Children and Youth (SRCC) to house juveniles. An SRCC may be attached to a juvenile detention facility. SRCCs shall be subject to the Department administrative rule governing SRCCs.

Youth are placed in SRCCs under Correctional Placement dispositions (938.34(4m)), which requires that the youth be found delinquent of an act that would be punishable by a sentence of six months or more if committed by an adult and that youth has been found to be a danger to the public and in need of restrictive custodial treatment.

DCF will allocate additional Youth Aids funding to a county operating a joint SRCC equal to 15% of the county's Youth Aids costs in the prior fiscal year or $750,000, whichever is less.

DOC Administrative Rules

Act 185 requires the Department to promulgate both emergency and permanent administrative rules governing SRCCs. These rules establish minimum standards for the design, construction, repair, maintenance of SRCCs, the approval and operation of SRCCs, and the services and programs for juveniles in SRCCs. The Department will include uniform data reporting standards for counties or Indian tribes that operate or contract for SRCCs.

Governor Walker has approved the Department's scope statement for the emergency rule. Act 185 requires the Department to submit to the governor the final draft emergency rule no later than December 17, 2018.

DOC 347 Scope Statement

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