Wisconsin Correctional Employees Week


The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) is celebrating Correctional Employees Week from May 3–9, 2020. This week is designated annually to honor all those who work in the field of corrections and recognize their invaluable contributions to the State of Wisconsin. Although the Department has had to delay many of the usual events held at correctional facilities, probation and parole offices and other worksites around Wisconsin due to the public health crisis, it remains a time to celebrate the incredible work of the Department of Corrections' staff.

Whether they work in security, the medical field, probation and parole, education, records, budget, or the multitude of other positions the DOC offers, all DOC staff share the same goal of ensuring public safety. Correctional Employees Week is a great opportunity for everyone to reflect on the impact DOC employees have on our communities and thank them for their commitment.

​The Department employs approximately 10,000 employees who work at 36 correctional facilities, 168 probation and parole offices, and numerous offices and buildings throughout the state of Wisconsin. Many employees work on a 24/7 basis to protect the public, including those at our Electronic Monitoring Center.​​



​Correctional Employees Week has a robust history dating back to 1984, when President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed Correctional Employees Week. He noted that the men and women in the field of corrections often do not receive the recognition from the public they deserve — and I couldn't agree more. It is appropriate that we honor the important work and many accomplishments of the DOC staff who are making a real impact on those in our care, our communities, and each other everyday. 

​This is a profession that is embraced by dedicated individuals with integrity, strength and a passion to serve others. It is my privilege to recognize all of those who chose the honorable profession of public service. Thank you for your outstanding service to the people of Wisconsin and your continued commitment to excellence.​


2020 Secretary's SALUTE Awards

​​The Secretary's SALUTE is the Department's peer-nominated employee recognition program, which allows employees to recognize the hard work and exemplary performance of other employees in efforts relative to the Secretary's six pillars of success. ​These pillars are the foundation upon which the Department's core values was built and are vital to successfully accomplishing our mission: ​

  • Service: Superior demonstration of service to customers or clients for a prolonged period of time or during difficult circumstances. 

  • Awareness: Outstanding demonstration of community outreach, service, re-entry, or activism.  These efforts are not associated with normal job duties but rather the employee chooses to participate or lead these activities.

  • Leadership: Admirable display of guidance and direction or sound decision making in stressful, unique or emergency situations that led to a successful outcome.

  • Unique: Exceptional demonstration of innovation, ingenuity or creativity to solve a problem or that led to increases in productivity, performance, efficiency or cost savings.

  • Team: Remarkable contributions or dedication, by an individual or group, to the DOC team or work/division specific team, quality of work life or environment, or morale.  

  • Excellence: Exemplary achievement of the Department or division’s mission or vision.

Employees whose actions best represent these pillars deserve the recognition of their colleagues and the highest level of DOC management for their contributions to the agency. ​Traditionally, the award winners receive formal recognition at a special ceremony, though it has been postponed this year due to the current public health emergency. A new ceremony date will be announced here when that information becomes available.​

2019 Lifesaving and Valor and SALUTE Award Winners


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