Wisconsin Correctional Employees Week

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Join us in celebrating Corre​c​tional Employees Week from May ​​​​2–8, 2021. 

This week is designated annually to honor all those who work in the field of corrections and recognize their invaluable contributions to the State of Wisconsin. Although many of the usual events held throughout the state have been delayed this year, it remains a time to celebrate the incredible work of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) staff.

Correctional Employees Week has a robust history dating back to 1984, when President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed Correctional Employees Week. He noted that the men and women in the field of corrections often do not receive the recognition from the public they deserve. It is appropriate that we honor the important work and many accomplishments of our staff who are making a real impact on those in our care, our communities and each other every day. This is a profession that is embraced by dedicated individuals with integrity, strength and a passion to serve others.

A Message from the Secretary

Correctional Employees Week is a time set aside to recognize staff members at correctional agencies across the nation and the work they do. That work has been even more important over the past year. 

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of the work done by employees at Wisconsin DOC and other correctional systems. Many correctional workers like security, operational and healthcare staff have been reporting to work since the start of the pandemic, while adjusting to changing guidance and operations to better protect the health of their peers, persons in our care and Wisconsin communities. Meanwhile, our non-frontline staff have been working behind the scenes to meet the operational and logistical challenges offered by the pandemic.

I am proud of the way our employees have adapted to a regularly changing environment and the resiliency they have shown in the face of a virus that threatened their own health, as well as the health of their loved ones and the persons in our care.

I ask you to join me in thanking our DOC staff for their efforts not just this past year, but throughout their years of service to our state.

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Whether working in security, healthcare, probation and parole or education ... 

... all employees across the wide variety of positions offered by the DOC came to the field of corrections with a purpose. Our employees are nobly called to serve Wisconsin every day through their leadership, integrity, compassion and professionalism. As we celebrate Correctional Employees Week, we're taking a closer look at the essential role our dedicated staff play in ensuring our mission, vision and core values are accomplished. 

This year, we asked our nearly 10,000 employees to tell us why they chose a career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) as part of our #WHYDOC campaign. 

The response was overwhelming. We heard from staff in every division, department and corner of the state. Hundreds of correctional officers, probation and parole agents, nurses, teachers, psychologists, social workers, program and policy analysts, physicians, maintenance workers, dentists, counselors and more shared their unique stories about beginning a career with the DOC. 

From outstanding benefits and retirement packages to amazing colleagues and the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others, there are so many different reasons why DOC​ employees chose the honorable profe​ssion of public service to the State of Wisconsin. Help us celebrate their achievements by following along this week as we highlight some of their thoughtful and inspiring responses below and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn​

Please continue to visit this page (doc.wi.gov/WICor​rectionsWeek) each day this week to read all of the #WHYDOC submissions:

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