Security Careers

Security Careers


Are you looking for a career in criminal justice that offers rewarding challenges?  The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is hiring!

The Department of Corrections is seeking highly motivated individuals to start their Security Careers as a Correctional Officer in our secure correctional facilities statewide. Positions are available in minimum, medium, and maximum security adult male and female institutions.  The Department offers additional training to assist in your professional growth and development.  Potential career advancement opportunities include Sergeant, Probation and Parole Agent, Supervising Officer, and more. 

The 2021-2023 Compensation Plan includes some substantial and exciting increases in pay for security staff. 
For a detailed explanation of our pay structure, please read 2023 C​orrectional​ Officer Pay and Benefits (updated 10/27/2023)​​​.




Correctional Officers will complete a paid seven week academy which includes on the job training at a correctional institution. Classroom training will focus on report writing, human/public relations, weapons familiarization, supervision of persons in our care, communication skills, and standards of conduct.​