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Secr​eta​​​​r​​y Carr hosts series of virtual town hall meetings​​

As part of our commitment to fostering productive public dialogue and serving Wisconsin citizens through transparency, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is hosting a series of virtual town hall meetings on several strategic priorities. These events present an opportunity for key stakeholders to hear from executive leadership on various subject matters, identify areas for continued improvement, ask questions and gather valuable feedback from the community.

While much of our agency's focus has been on the health and safety of our staff and persons in our care during the COVID-19 pandemic, the DOC has also been working hard on several strategic initiatives, including our ongoing work in Violation Response and Revocation. After conducting a thorough review of the internal policies and procedures involved in the revocation process, we have identified practical areas our agency could make changes to increase its efficiency while safely reducing the number of revocations. 

To address this critical topic and begin developing sustainable reform in Wisconsin, Secretary Kevin A. Carr hosted a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday, November 18. During this moderated session, our panelists shared the latest updates regarding this priority and discussed the agency's proposed policy changes to improve practices related to violation response and revocation. This event allowed key stakeholders to hear from executive leadership on our strategic priorities and reform efforts, ask questions and provide valuable feedback for consideration prior to implementation. Our panelists also led a Q&A session with various subject matter experts from across the agency to answer questions from stakeholders.


Missed the live event? If you were unable to join us live, you can still be a part of this important conversation. Watch a recording below or use the following links to review content discussed during the Violation Response + Revocation virtual town hall:

Read the transcript​ | View the PowerPoint presentation​ | Revie​w FAQs​​​ (Updated 1/4/21)