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Secr​eta​​​​r​​y Carr hosts series of virtual town hall meetings​​

As part of our commitm​ent to fostering productive public dialogue and serving Wisconsin citizens through transparency, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is hosting a series of virtual town hall meetings on several strategic priorities and initiatives. These events present an opportunity for key stakeholders to hear from leadership on various subject matters, identify areas for continued improvement, ask questions and gather valuable feedback from the community. 

The number of opioid overdoses and fatalities continue to rise in the State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) has observed an increase of opioid fatalities among individuals on supervision and individuals releasing from prison. DOC has taken a number of steps to combat this epidemic, including work that is being led by the Opioid Response Steering Committee, to include the development of the DOC Overdose Death Review Team and the DOC Opioid Advisory Team. 

To address the opioid epidemic and explain the important work being done and the next steps in battling this pressing issue, Secretary Kevin A. Carr will host a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday, February 9 at 11:30 am.  

​During this town hall, panelists will provide an overview of the opioid crisis and how it has impacted DOC. They will also discuss the efforts of cross-divisional, cross-agency teams working to disrupt the rising opioid crisis and provide evidence-based intervention solutions.  Information regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the opioid crisis and our efforts will also be shared. The audience will also hear from a Department of Health Services (DHS) representative and first-hand experience from a Community Supervision Client and Recent Treatment Court Graduate. During the second half of the town hall, our panelists will lead a Q&A session to answer live questions from stakeholders.