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Secr​eta​​​​r​​y Carr hosts series of virtual town hall meetings​​

As part of our commitment to fostering productive public dialogue and serving Wisconsin citizens through transparency, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is hosting a series of virtual town hall meetings on several strategic priorities. These events present an opportunity for key stakeholders to hear from executive leadership on various subject matters, identify areas for continued improvement, ask questions and gather valuable feedback from the community.

In an effort to improve our justice system, Governor Evers submitted a budget request that focuses on lowering long-term costs for corrections and  investing in in diversion, rehabilitation, treatment and alternatives to incarceration. The budget request uses science and evidenced-based practices to ensure  our communities remain safe by holding those in our care accountable for their actions, while simultaneously saving taxpayers money and reforming our justice system.

In addition to the proactive steps already put into place by our agency, such as expanding the Earned Release program and implementing policy changes to violation response and revocation, Governor Evers is proposing several initiatives in his budget to take meaningful steps towards further reduction to the state prison population. Governor Evers' Badger Bounceback agenda also sets an ambitious goal of transforming Wisconsin's juvenile justice system. Changing the juvenile justice system will require a variety of approaches, ranging from funding effective programs to modernizing statutes.

​To address these critical topics and explain the sections of Govern​or ​Evers' Operating Budget that will both directly and indirectly impact DOC, Secretary Kevin A. Carr hosted a virtual town hall meeting on Monday, March 15. The Operating Budget covers program funding, supplies and services and day-to-day operations. During this moderated session, our panelists provided information on areas of focus within Governor Evers' Operating Budget, including criminal justice and juvenile justice reform. Our expert panelists also led a Q&A session with various subject matter experts to answer questions from stakeholders. ​


Missed the live event? Watch a recording below or use the following links to review content discussed during the virtual town hall on Governor Evers' 2021-23 Budget Request held on March 15, 2021:

View the PowerPoint presentation​​ | Rev​ie​w FA​Qs​​​​​ | Read the Transcript