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​Wisconsin Resources for Crime Victims


Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

​Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program
Phone: (608) 240-5830

Wisconsin Victim Resource Center

Wisconsin Department of Justice's Office of Crime Victim Services
Toll free: 1-800-446-6564
Madison area: (608) 264-9497
V/TTY: (800) 947-3529

The Victim Resource Center (VRC)

The VRC is a team of individuals housed in the Office of Crime Victim Services. They specialize in assisting victims of crime with questions and concerns regarding their crime victim rights. Services provided by the VRC include:

  • Informal mediation to address potential victim rights violations.
  • Help to victims in resolving problems with the justice system.
  • Information on victim rights in Wisconsin.
  • Referrals to resources for crime victims in need of additional services.
  • Victim Appellate Notification Services (VANS) alerting crime victims to the outcome of criminal appeals.

Victim Resource Center Website

Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Program
Toll free: 1-800-446-6564
Madison area: (608) 264-9497
V/TTY: (608) 267-8902

Providing financial compensation for loss or expense on the part of an innocent victim who suffers injury from a crime.

Wisconsin VINE
Wisconsin County Jail Notification
1-888-WI 4 VINE (1-888-944-8463)