Electronic Monitoring Center

If you are having equipment problems or need your GPS removed in an emergency situation such as for a medical procedure, call the Monitoring Center at (800) 978-0078

Electronic Monitoring Center Overview

The DOC Electronic Monitoring Ce​nter provides electronic monitoring services to the Division of Community Corrections, Division of Juvenile Corrections, local law enforcement, and county human services agencies. 

The monitoring center provides 24/7/365 monitoring services for clients on electronic monitoring.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) - The GPS monitoring system provides constant information on the whereabouts of an offender and allows the department to establish inclusion and exclusion zones. The system also notifies the Electronic Monitoring Center of any violations or tampering with the device.  

  • Radio Frequency - Radio frequency allows DOC to monitor a client’s compliance with curfew restrictions.  The client wears a transmitter on their ankle that sends information to a receiver installed in the client’s home.  If the client is away from their home outside their curfew or the device is tampered with, the Electronic Monitoring Center is alerted.

  • Alcohol Monitoring – DOC uses two types of alcohol monitoring technology, including a Transdermal Alcohol Device, which measures the alcohol content in perspiration on a continuous basis via a bracelet worn by the client and a breath test that is available in both a mobile device and a home device. clients are required to complete tests on a set schedule, with positive tests being sent to the Electronic Monitoring Center.

The monitoring center functions as the point of contact for national law enforcement agencies confirming the wanted status of client​s on DOC supervision and Wisconsin law enforcement queries regarding individuals on DOC supervision outside business hours.​