Division of Juvenile Corrections

John D. Paquin, Administrator
Shelby A.B. McCulley, Assistant Administrator

P.O. Box 8930
Madison, WI 53708-8930
(608) 240-5900 Phone
(608) 240-3370 Fax

The Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC) works to reduce delinquent behavior and promote safety for victims and the community. The mission of DJC is to promote a juvenile justice system that balances protection of the community, youth accountability, and competency building for responsible and productive community living. 

DJC has two primary responsibilities:

DJC provides correctional supervision and offers programs and services to youth during their placement at a JCF. Generally, youth have time remaining on their court commitment orders upon their return to the community. On average, youth continue on correctional supervision for three to four months after leaving a JCF, except serious juvenile offenders who may remain on supervision for two to three years. The Case Management Manual summarizes the phases of a youth’s supervision in the Case Management System.

Lincoln Hills School/Copper Lake School operates an Internship in Health Service Psychology Program which currently retains APA accreditation on probation status. The Intern Training Guide is available for interested applicants.