Interstate Compact for Juveniles

Casey Gerber, Compact Administrator

Jenny McFadden, Deputy Compact Administrator

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Interstate Compact for Juveniles Legal framework

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) is an agreement between states that has the force of federal law. The ICJ provides for the cooperative supervision of juveniles on probation and parole who move across state lines. It also assists states in returning youth who run away, escape, or abscond across state lines. An Interstate Commission for Juveniles, made up of a representative from each compact state, promulgates rules to implement the compact and provides a forum to address new issues, enforce compliance with the rules, and collect and disseminate data.

The cooperative supervision portions of the compact apply to the Division of Juvenile Corrections, to county human/social services departments, and juvenile courts and detention centers. Affected youth are those on county supervision (probation), state and county aftercare (parole), and alleged delinquent and JIPS youth status by DOC or the courts (for example, the Serious Juvenile Offender Program or Corrective Sanctions) cannot be sent from Wisconsin to another state under the ICJ until DOC or the court removes the Type 2 status.


The compact administrator is responsible for the overall implementation of the compact, for communicating with other states and jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with ICJ rules, and resolving disputes. The compact administrator also serves as the state’s representative to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles.

The Deputy Compact Administrator serves as the single point of contact on ICJ matters for the state and works with direct services staff, supervisors and managers in the state-administered aftercare program, direct service staff and supervisors in the 72 county human/social services departments and the designated compact representative in the party states.

The Deputy Compact Administrator oversees the transfer of Wisconsin juveniles on court ordered supervision to other states, coordinates the return of Wisconsin juvenile absconders, runaways and escapees, oversees the transfer of juveniles supervised in another state to Wisconsin county or state supervision, and works with Wisconsin and other states’ authorities to return out-of-state absconders and escapees to their home jurisdiction.

Case Assignment

In Wisconsin, assignment of ICJ cases from other states is done according to where the youth will live and the youth’s age, as follows:

  • Counties in which DJC provides correctional aftercare – ICJ youth are assigned to a state agent. 
  • Counties that provide their own aftercare – The ICJ case is assigned to the county for supervision. 
  • ICJ youth age 18 and older – Assigned to a state agent.