Victim Notification in DJC

Victim Notification

Communication with victims and witnesses affected by delinquent acts is an important part of the mission of the Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC).

When a youth is committed to Lincoln Hills School or Copper Lake School by the court, a victim of that youth’s committing offense or a witness who testified against the youth may request notification when certain events occur. To make this request, the victim/witness submits a DOC-1717 Victim/Witness Notification card, which is available through the county District Attorney office.

Persons requesting notification will also be given the opportunity to submit a statement to the Division of Juvenile Corrections about the impact that the youth’s offense had on them. This statement is shared with the juvenile parole authority, the Office of Juvenile Offender Review.

When preparations begin for the release of the youth, the victim/witness will receive a letter indicating the youth has been made eligible to be released from a juvenile correctional institution. This will mean that a community treatment plan for the youth is being developed and an appropriate placement or living arrangement in the community is being sought.

When the youth is released, the victim/witness will receive a letter informing them of the youth’s release date and type of community placement. The letter will also indicate whether the state or county department will be supervising the youth in the community. If the youth is supervised in the community by the state or county department, additional notification will be mailed to them when the delinquency court order expires and the department is no longer supervising the youth.

In some cases the DJC determines it is appropriate to retain the youth in a juvenile correctional institution until the delinquency court order expires. In other cases, they may not make the youth eligible to be released until the time an appropriate community placement is found. In these cases, the victim/witness will receive one letter informing them of the youth’s release.