Copper Lake & Lincoln Hills School Youth Transportation Requests

General Information

Copper Lake School/Lincoln Hills School is available to counties Monday through Friday to assist with transportation of County and State sanctioned youth and youth committed to a Type 1 Juvenile Correctional Institution.

Currently, the optimum days for Wisconsin's southern counties are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. CLS/LHS will assign a transportation unit to the southern counties to meet transportation needs on those days. Additionally, a transportation unit will be assigned to assist Wisconsin's northern counties on the same days. Other transportation units may be available based on need. Units may have been deployed to surrounding areas at the time of your request, so please inquire about the most efficient option with the LHS shift supervisor.

Due to operational needs, CLS/LHS transportation has priority, but we will make every effort to accommodate county needs immediately or arrange a mutually agreeable alternate date.

Transportation staff must be provided with a Judgment of Conviction indicating placement at CLS/LHS. 

Transportation can be requested for new commitments to reception at CLS/LHS or for any of the following circumstances: 

  • Returning youth to CLS/LHS after revocation of aftercare, sanctions, or change of placement.
  • Transporting a youth from a Type 2 residential care center (RCC) to CLS/LHS for a sanction.
  • Participation in a Transition Team meeting held in the youth's home community.
  • Transportation home upon release from CLS/LHS. 

Scheduling Transportation with CLS/LHS

To schedule transportation with CLS/LHS, please call (715) 536-8386 and dial "0" when prompted. Once you reach the operator, tell them you are requesting transportation and ask for the shift supervisor's office.

The shift supervisor will need the requested date and time of transportation and the gender of the youth. The supervisor will confirm arrangements during the call. All youth needing transportation must be in custody at a detention facility, or under the supervision of law enforcement when they are picked up.

Transportation Considerations

County agencies will continue to be responsible for transportation of youth to court appearances initiated by the county, such as dispositional hearings on new delinquency adjudications. CLS/LHS will be responsible for transportation for state-initiated matters such as extension hearings.

If you have any further questions or are seeking additional information, please call the CLS/LHS Security Director's Office at (715) 536-8386, extension 1270.