Bureau of Offender Classification and Movement



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Purpose Statement

The Bureau of Offender Classification and Movement (BOCM) protects the public, staff, and inmates through the centralized classification of inmates, which establishes custody, placement, and program needs that safely afford inmates the opportunity to address their successful reentry into the community and reduce their risk of re-offending.


Initial Classification
Upon arrival at a DAI inmate intake facility, decisions are made by BOCM staff regarding an inmate’s custody, placement and program needs.

Following initial classification, inmates are reviewed at least every 12 months. During reclassification, custody, placement and program issues are reevaluated and adjusted based upon changes occurring during the inmate’s incarceration.

Prison Bed Management - Transportation
BOCM is responsible for the daily management of DAI prison beds.  The BOCM transportation unit is responsible for coordinating and scheduling inmate transfers required by initial classification and reclassification decisions.

Interstate Corrections Compact (ICC) and Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA)
The BOCM director is appointed by the DOC Secretary as the Administrator for the Interstate Corrections Compact and Intergovernmental Agreements with other states and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Wisconsin is a participant in this mutual system of inter-agency incarceration of inmates. Pursuant to these agreements, WI sentenced inmates may be incarcerated in correctional facilities outside of Wisconsin, or, inmates sentenced under the criminal codes of federal or other states may be incarcerated in WI DOC facilities.

International Prisoner Transfer Treaty
The BOCM director is appointed by the DOC Secretary as the DOC Administrator for the International Prisoner Transfer Treaty. Pursuant to this Treaty, inmates from other countries that are serving a Wisconsin prison sentence may request transfer to their country of origin to serve their Wisconsin sentence.

Extraordinary Health Care and Geriatric Condition Release Review
Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes s. 302.113(9g), inmates serving confinement time on a class B, bifurcated (truth in sentencing or TIS) felony sentence may petition for early release consideration if criteria for an extraordinary health or geriatric condition are met.  BOCM staff review inmate petitions to determine if public interest would be served by a sentence modification and refer appropriate cases to the sentencing court for consideration.

All activities are performed in compliance with WI Administrative Code ch. DOC 302.

Additional information on inmate classification and transfers can be found on the General Information page.