Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

​To continue developing sustainable reform in Wisconsin, we have established a Strategic Plan identifying four strategic priorities for the Department of Corrections. We gathered input from department leadership, internal and external stakeholders and other subject matter experts to develop key areas of focus that address the unique needs of those we serve while laying the groundwork for lasting change. 

We are proud to share with you the results of our efforts, which were completed through the reallocation of existing funding and resources, as outlined in Strate​gic Priorities: The Year in Review

This report, our first one, is a celebration of the collective impact everyone across our agency has made and a look ahead at the work still to come. DOC is confident our dedicated staff can be a driving force to help Wisconsin overcome the complex systemic challenges within our agency and our state. This strategic framework will help guide our state toward a better future, while serving as a catalyst for action across our agency. We invite our partners to read this report and join us in our pursuit to keep moving Wisconsin forward.


Transparency and Public Accountability

We understand that strong community relationships are the building blocks of success, so we must work closely with those engaged with the DOC. Our initiatives in this area help us fulfill our mission to serve the people of Wisconsin with transparency by allowin​​g them to be part of the decision-making process. We will focus on building trust among internal and external stakeholders to demonstrate our commitment to responsible and accountable decision-making in matters involving our staff, Persons in Our Care and Wisconsin taxpayers.​

Workforce Investments

​We recognize employees within the DOC as our most valuable resource, and we believe investing in our diverse workforce adds long-term value, leadership and expertise to the agency. Initiatives in this area support our exceptional staff by providing the resources and training necessary to excel in their positions. Additionally, we will explore innovative and creative solutions to address recruitment challenges while emphasizing our strong commitment to diversity.​


Corrections Reform

High incarceration rates come at a cost to t​hose in our care, their loved ones and to the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Our initiatives in this area will assist in safely reducing the number of incarcerated individuals in our state, reduce the collateral consequences of conviction and address racial disparities in our system. With a focus on finding research to support all current and future work, we will seek to expand the use of evidence-based practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work at every level.  We will also work to improve conditions inside our institutions, increase the effectiveness of our interventions and programming for those in our care, and implement safe alternatives to incarceration whenever possible.​​​