Operational Excellence


Ope​​r​at​​​​​​​ional Excellence

These initiatives focus on finding additional ways to achieve operational effectiveness with optimal efficiency for the Persons in Our Care, staff and the agency. 


We reviewed current practices to identify practical areas for improvement and ensure our work aligns with the mission, vision and core values of the agency. Our initiatives in this area allow us to pursue efficient and effective operational practices that drive program value and delivery while still providing excellent services to staff and those in our care. To d​emonstrate operational excellence, we will focus on ways to harness evidence-based practices to create opportunities for success and achieve long-term sustainable growth.​


  • Launched an Internal Affairs Office and successfully investigated 200 cases in 2020 

  • Changed to suspending, rather than terminating, Medicare benefits when an individual becomes incarcerated, eliminating delayed access to medical and behavioral health care upon release (read the press release​)

  • Increased internal stakeholder engagement and communications by adding new landing pages to myDOC, including the COVID-19 Resources and National Correctional News pages 

  • Reported on employment post-release outcomes for the first time through partnership with the Division of Workforce Development 

  • Conducted implicit bias training and provided cultural competency resources to staff​