Workforce Investments


Workforce Investments 

These initiatives explore ways to help staff grow and excel in their positions. Investing in our most valuable resource—our employees—adds long-term value, leadership and expertise to the agency.



We recognize employees within the DOC as our most valuable resource, and we believe investing in our diverse workforce adds long-term value, leadership and expertise to the agency. Initiatives in this area support our exceptional staff by providing the resources and training necessary to excel in their positions. Additionally, we will explore innovative and creative solutions to address recruitment challenges while emphasizing our strong commitment to diversity.​


  • Invested in long-term recruitment and retention efforts by expanding communication on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

  • Increased cultural competency and diversity awareness in the agency through the enhancement of staff trainings and created a new Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to guide the work in this area

  • Increased advertising efforts including radio ads for employment during Safer at Home and created a Correctional Officer recruitment survey for pre- and post-hire

  • Conducted an agency-wide Staff Climate and Engagement Survey and received 6,219 total responses in order to gain a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction and engagement within the agency 


Interactive data dashboards provide a visual display of key data metrics. They allow users to filter for various characteristics (e.g., gender, age, etc.) to view data in greater detail than what might be available in a static report.

Staffing and Vacancy Dashboards

The data presented on these dashboards is generated by the Bureau of Budget & Facilities Management each pay period and is typically updated every two weeks. The dashboard shows the current total of FTE positions, FTE vacancies and FTE vacancy rates across divisions  and includes security staffing of the Division of Adult Institutions by facility and facility type; probation and parole agent staffing of the Division of Community Corrections by region; youth counselors of the Division of Juvenile Corrections by facility; and a summary of total FTE positions, vacancies and vacancy rates across the Department by classification group.

Climate and Engagement Survey Dashboards

This dashboard summarizes the 6,219 total responses that were submitted by staff across all divisions and locations within the DOC. The survey collected the opinions of staff members on a variety of topics, including Job Satisfaction, Supervisory Relations and Pay and Benefits, and allowed respondents to provide additional comments on any other relevant topics they wanted to address.


​*Data will be updated monthly
**Data will be updated annually​​​