Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center

Photo of MWCC (Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center)

Stephen Olk,

615 West Keefe Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
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Inmate Handbook:

​Center Information 

All adult female correctional facilities, including Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center (MWCC), Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center, and Taycheedah Correctional Institution, were joined together as the Wisconsin Women's Correctional System on August 21, 2005, falling under the supervision of the TCI warden. The Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center opened its doors in December 2003. 

The Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center (MWCC) is a 109 bed minimum security center in the City of Milwaukee.  MWCC is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to those in our care and the surrounding community, while also providing programming and opportunities to prepare individuals to return to their families and communities.  MWCC places a great emphasis on personal responsibility, trust, and maturity and expects individuals to co-exist in a respectful manner.

Services and Programs

MWCC provides both Earned Release Programming (ERP) and Work Release opportunities.

The ERP program is pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes, Sec 302.05 and allows for individuals from the community to receive programming as an alternative to revocation.  MWCC utilizes curriculums which are evidence-based and gender responsive and addresses substance use, trauma, anger, and coping skills.  Participants are involved in intensive group programming and individual counseling as well as maintaining responsibilities consistent with living in a group environment. ERP participants also engage in community service in and around Milwaukee.

MWCC also offers individuals with Work Release opportunities.  Prior to working in the community, individuals are employed at the center and participate in a project crew off-grounds. MWCC has partnered with various employers for job placement to provide work experience, the opportunity to earn and save money, and for some, to maintain the job after release from the center.

Additional opportunities are offered to all individuals at MWCC including a DWD Job Center, parenting support, trauma survivor support, release planning, religious services and study, ServSafe Certification, obtaining a driver's license, various leisure activities, and educational opportunities.

Community Enhancement

​MWCC participates in various community service projects in collaboration with local government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Giving back to the community is a priority and thousands of community service hours are completed each year.