Grant Committee

​Grant Committee

Act 185 creates a 10-member Juvenile Corrections Grant Committee (JCGC) which will administer a grant program providing 95% of the design and construction costs to build an SRCC, including costs for renovation of an existing structure for an SRCC or facility that houses both an SRCC and a juvenile detention facility. A county may also apply for a grant to cover 100% of the design and construction costs for an SRCC, or a portion of an SRCC, that will house only female juveniles. 

The deadline for counties to submit grant applications to the JCGC is March 31, 2019. The JCGC shall submit a statewide plan of recommended grant approvals to the Joint Committee on Finance by July 1, 2019. The JCGC shall favor proposals that utilize existing facilities that consider proximity to the populations of the juveniles the facility would serve and proposals submitted by multiple counties/tribes to create joint SRCCs.

After approval by the Joint Committee on Finance, the Department shall award grants under the statewide plan and the JCGC shall monitor the progress of the grant-funded projects to ensure compliance with the program and timely completion of the facilities.

​Statutory Membership
​Governor's designee
​DOC Secretary or designee
​DCF Secretary or designee
​Three State Senators or designees
​Three State Representatives or designees
​A representative of a nonprofit that focuses on best practices for holding juveniles in secure custody