Fox Lake Correctional Institution

Purpose Statement

Fox Lake Correctional Institution (FLCI) continues to carry out the mission statement of the Department of Corrections.  A mission statement helps define the purpose of an organization in simple and concise terms.  This allows the mission to be more easily understood by all employees of the organization as well as all those that it serves.  The Department of Corrections “Four P’s” mission is to:

  • Protect the public, our staff and those in our charge.
  • Provide opportunities for positive change and success.
  • Promote, inform and educate others about our programs and successes.
  • Partner and collaborate with community service providers and other criminal justice entities.

While this mission and its acronym (4Ps) may be easy to remember, it is made up of very complicated, challenging, and unending sets of tasks.  It is a mission that is widely misunderstood and often misjudged. Yet the mission of the Department is completed day after day at FLCI which allows citizens of Wisconsin to sleep easy at night knowing that their safety is being safeguarded.

Institution Information

FLCI was the first medium-security institution in the United States opened under a responsible living, no pass system concept.  The institution is located about nine miles west of the city of Waupun, in Dodge County.

FLCI is situated on 85 acres, surrounded by approximately 1200 acres owned by the State of Wisconsin. The main structures consist of an entrance facility/armory; administration building; chapel; food service, laundry, and health services building; education building; nine housing units; recreation building; garage; and an industries, maintenance, and vocational shop building.  Two of the housing units are dormitory/barracks-style settings.  Inmates are permitted scheduled movement within the institution and rules are intended to help individuals live together in an orderly manner.